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Gas Station

The first to offer a complete service package in the industry. Other companies will charge you money and tell you what to do, we do it! With multiple offices and staff located throughout the eastern US we are the largest in our space and the most trusted in the industry. Drew Fuel Services, is a leader in providing gas stations with unmatched services from on-site fuel testing to our proprietary maintenance programs, rest assured we have the services to meet your needs.

Monthly Services Include:
  • Water Removal
  • Fuel Filter Change with Disposal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Containment Sump Cleaning
  • Lid Painting
  • Fuel Quality Testing*
  • Monthly InspectionISP !!!!!
  • iStation Profile
*not included in standard package 


Stations Services Brochure: Click Here
Stations Services Fuel Testing Brochure: Click Here
Maintenance Program:

Water Removal is the most common fine for fuel retailers, water inside the STP sumps, Fills and Dry-breaks are a “NO-NO”. The Stage I requirements are strictly enforced by state inspectors and will not be tolerated. All of these areas need to remain dry. Once water penetrates any of these areas they are considered “Contaminated Water” which then requires remediation and/or removal and proper disposal. The difference we make is our proprietary system allows us to remediate the fuel with little to no disposal required. As a fuel retailer we understand your daily stress regarding water. 

Fuel Filter Changes are an integral part of all equipped fuel dispensers. These filters are installed for each product line to ensure clean fuel free from particles and debris that can cause harm to vehicles. Filters need to be replaced monthly to ensure dispenser service. Fuel Retailers never want a “Sorry out of Service” display in your station.  Why worry about this, allow us to handle  the filter changes and properly dispose of the used filters so you no longer have to deal with this complicated process. We use the correct tools and have the experience to avoid major complications during filter changes to eliminate expensive mistakes like spills, fuel splashes or ignition explosion. We guarantee this will be taken care of as a monthly service customer. 

The Containment Sump area is the vital source location of the tank field. Depending on the type of tank your station uses AST/UST it requires the need of a Containment Sump. The fuel tank fill-up area also known as the “Fills” along with the dry-breaks are where the fuel tanker collects vapors and the extractor holes serve as placement for sensors and overfill prevention.  Drew Fuel Services opens all lids to expose holes; all areas are cleaned by removing water, garbage, stains and debris. The final step in this process uses sanitation cleaning with an environmentally safe chemical which provides a shine finish preserving the area from corrosion. This service is included in the standard package for all monthly service customers, we guarantee all STP Sumps, Spill buckets, Fills/Vapors and Extractors are to State and Federal Guidelines.

Lid Painting is provided to all monthly services customers with the appropriate symbols to ensure the proper tank fill upon fuel delivery. Every product type requires its own Fill and vapor dry-break. The Fills require a certain color depending on the product type. In Most cases with exception to BP, Regular Unleaded lid is White-Black Cross, Plus Unleaded lid is Blue-White Cross, Premium Unleaded lid Red-White Cross and Diesel Lid Yellow-Black Cross. All Dry-break lids are Orange. The lid color guide allows the delivery tanker quick easy access to fill the correct tank and keep your business going (the majority of our emergency calls are due to the wrong gas in the wrong tank) Don’t Get shut down, allow us to keep your facility in optimum condition avoiding this expensive mistake. It is important for all lids to be correctly painted, avoid mistakes by becoming a monthly customer and this will be done for you.

Monthly State Inspections are required by every states (DEP) Department of Environmental Protection or (EPD) Environmental Protection Department to enforce the rules and regulations to control environmental impacts that stations can bring.  Why jeopardize your business with fines for dirty tank fields and dispenser panels for accumulation of hazardous materials. We will provide a Monthly State Inspection for your station and inform you of any potential issues to avoid violations from the state. Q. How is this value to you? A year worth of our monthly services is less than 25% of what a violation from that state would be. 

iStation Profile is your stations profile available on our website to review and print your monthly reports. Every monthly service will have photos and detailed information for you to review and keep track. In the event you have any issues with the state your iStation Profile is ideal backup for compliance and regulations.

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