In the event contaminated diesel fuel must be removed we utilize DOT/CODE Vacuum trucks, remove all waste to local, state and government standards and track all waste to ensure proper disposal or recycling methods are utilized. All disposal records are stored in iTankProfile ™ for compliance and peace of mind.

Through our numerous partnerships and multiple locations, we have you covered From Bangor, ME to the Florida Keys.

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DFS Top 10 Service Calls for Diesel Fuel Removal

  1. Tank Decommission

  2. Fuel Tank Leaking

  3. Contaminated Diesel Fuel

  4. Not within ASTM Standards

  5. Gasoline in Diesel

  6. Wrong Bio Diesel Blend

  7. Heavy Microbial Growth

  8. Cease and Desist order

  9. Heavy, Heavy Contamination

  10. Leaking Fuel Tank

  11. Jet A in Diesel

  12. Water Content over 20%