Fuel Polishing

Our approach to fuel polishing and reclaiming fuel is second to none. We are the largest in our space, operate the largest fuel polishing fleet, remediate and clean, more fuel than any company in the eastern seaboard.

Over the past 10 years, our fuel polishing teams have been deployed to numerous natural disasters, repairing millions of gallons diesel fuel for major telecommunications, government agencies, municipalities, utility companies, hospitals, and gas stations through the nation.

We test all fuel to ASTM standards, utilize vacuum trucks to remove all water, and provide fuel filtration to 3 micron.

We are recognized as the leader in our industry, providing service to 80% of the largest companies in the United States. 

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On site you can expect the safest and most professional team in the industry.  Our systems are built to the strictest standards and are continually cleaned and inspected eliminating cross contamination. More importantly, our fuel polishing process in most cases does not disrupt service and is certified by a 3rd party.

Licensing and Accreditation’s:

  • API Certified
  • State of FL EPA Licenses
  • MCS-90 Endorsments
  • Insurances
    • $7mm Pollution Prevention Policy
    • $7mm Professional Liability
    • $7mm Excess Liability
    • $7mm Auto Liability
    • $7mm General Liability
    • $7mm Workers Compensation
  • Broward County Licensed Waste Hauler
  • Miami-Dade Licensed liquid Waste Transporter
  • Broward County Waste Discharge Permit
  • DOT Permitted
  • Certified Written Safety Program
  • Certified Drug Free Workplace
  • Certified SPCC Plan
  • NY Permitted, # FL-024

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