Drew Fuel Services, provides emergency fuel removal for gasoline, diesel, Jet A and numerous other petroleum products. We are available 24 Hours a day 7 days a week. We have vacuum truck operators on staff at all times ready to help. Please call (888) 620-6807 or (954) 901-7850 and you will be connected to one of our on staff technicians.

Emergency Fuel Removal Services:

  • Gas Station Fuel Spills

  • Fuel Removal from Storm Drain Cleaning

  • Diesel Removal and Disposal

  • Gasoline Removal and Disposal

  • Diesel Fuel Transfer

  • Gasoline Fuel transfer

  • Contaminated Water Removal

  • Bilge Water

  • PCW Waste Removal

  • Petroleum Contact Water

  • Absorbent Removal

  • Industrial Waste Water Removal