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DFS Usability Testing

DFS Usability Testing

What is DFS Usability Factor?

The DFS Usability Factor is a proprietary algorithm used in evaluating stored diesel fuel. DFS Usability Factor is the most effective testing method in evaluating diesel fuel in the field. The DFS Usability Factor takes multiple ASTM tests, our proprietary testing methods and blends them together to create a usability factor.

Can we send Samples for a DFS Usability Test?

No, testing must be done in the field to ensure proper analysis.

What are DFS Usability Factor acceptable ranges?

Acceptable ranges are from 85-100.

What Makes the DFS Usability Test different than other Tests?

Most diesel fuel testing is testing right from the refinery. In most cases, within 12 months the fuel is out of these testing standards. The DFS Usability test takes numerous factors into account ensuring the fuel is within the proper specifications for its intended use.

Can other labs conduct a Usability Test?

No, this is proprietary to Drew Fuel Services, Inc.

We have sites in multiple states can DFS service our organization?

Our crews and technicians travel from state to state servicing our customers on the eastern seaboard.

What happens if the DFS Usability test is below range?

In most cases we can fix it through our proprietary approach, which could result in chemical corrections, fuel polishing, tank cleaning and tank vacuuming.