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Mobile Fuel Lab FAQs

Mobile Fuel Lab FAQ’s


What areas do you service?

Through multiple crews we are strategically able to service the eastern United States.  Our crews spend alot of their time on the road.

Does the Mobile Fuel lab have its own power?

Yes the mobile fuel lab is equipped with a generator

How long does a fuel test take?

Once the mobile fuel lab is on-site expect results within 1 hour. It Could be up to 2 hours if the there are unusual results.

Will Drew Fuel Services build a mobile fuel lab for our company?

No, Our mobile fuel lab is a proprietary piece of equipment that is not for sale.

We have tanks in remote locations on unpaved roads, will you service?

Yes, the Mobile Fuel Lab has extra ground clearance and all vehicles are equipped with four wheel drive

Can we drop off samples at one of DFS’s locations?

Yes, we suggest you make an appointment and check availability. Please call (888) 620-6807

We have a small gas station will the Mobile Fuel Lab interrupt business?

No. We will work with you on ensuring your facility will not be affected. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week if necessary.

We have multiple locations in different states will DFS service?

Yes, DFS crews spend 5 months a year traveling servicing new and existing customers.

Does the mobile lab have the same equipment as a traditional laboratory?


We have remote locations and we would like to see the sites conditions, can you facilitate?

Yes, the mobile fuel lab is equipped with a high definition camera system that allows for DFS customers access.

If deficiencies in the fuel are found, can DFS fix the fuel?

Yes, DFS has the unique ability to remediate most issues found.

We are a hospital that must do fuel testing each year, does DFS’s Mobile Fuel lab meet those requirements?

Testing performed exceeds all standards set by the Joint Commission, NFPA and ASTM

Does the mobile fuel lab able to test octane ratings at gas stations?

Yes, the mobile fuel lab spends about 50% in and out of gas stations testing fuel to ensure fuel is labeled correctly?

What does the Mobile Fuel Look Like?

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