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Fire Foam Cleanup


Need immediate assistance with a Fire Foam Discharge Call Now: 888-620-6807 24/7

Fire Foam Cleanup is a rigorous process that can involve days or weeks to complete. In the event of a fire, foam discharge rest assured, Drew Fuel Services has the proper training, experience, and equipment necessary to remove fire foam and clean all areas affected.

Cleanup Process: vacuum trucks, water trucks, pressure washers, field personnel, and tanker trucks are deployed to the site. Once on site, Drew Fuel Services supervisors determine cleanup processes which are then relayed to on-site personnel through job hazard analysis forms, MOP (Method of Procedures), SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), and safety meetings. Once the entire team has signed off on procedures, each employee will be designated a specific task that mirrors his or her skill set. These tasks involve diluting the foam, vacuuming the foam with a vacuum truck, removing the foam and cleaning the area affected by the Fire Foam.

Fire Foam Hazards: There are numerous health and environmental hazards to consider when working with fire foam. Fire foam should never be rinsed to a storm drain, groundwater or surface water. Rinse waters and foam must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. Precautions should be taken due to the physical and chemical properties of fire foam. Precautions should include eye protection, respirators, hazardous material suits and proper ventilation.

How Fire Foam Extinguishes Fires: Fire burns due to four elements present. These elements are fuel, heat, air (oxygen) and a chemical chain reaction. If anyone of the elements is removed/interfered with, the fire is extinguished. Fire foam does not interfere with the chemical reaction. Fire Foam only works in the following ways:

  • blankets the fuel surface smothering the fire.
  • cools the fuel and adjacent metal surfaces.
  • separates the flames/ignition source from the surface.
  • suppresses the release of flammable vapors that can mix with air.

How much water is used in a Foam Discharge: Foam concentrate is sold in 1%, 2%, 3% or 6% concentrations. Concentration amounts are normally shown on the pail or drum of the foam concentrate. The container will normally display a figure or combination of figures. If the container of concentrate is 3%, then for every 100 gallons of foam solution required, 3 gallons of the foam concentrate must be used in the solution with the balance being 97 gallons of water.